Frequent delivery vs. quality content

Businesses entering the content marketing often follows predictable path. First few weeks or fist few marketing campaigns everything is great. Content contain lots of important informations, offer good advices etc. Content quality is goog, but then everything goes wrong. Advertising step in front and content become less and less important. Time and resources necessary for creating quality content marketing become cost that need to be reduced.

And that is the main problem as preparation of really informative content take time and consequently money. Expecting that one can quickly prepare quality content marketing campaign is unrealistic. Great marketing campaigns need facts and lots of data and research that is why it is so important that people have time to be creative and do the necessary research.

If not every reader will quickly determine that this is something not worth reading. And if that happen you lost him, probably for good. So when you are in doubt and need to decide between frequent delivery of quality content choose the second one. It is true that internet has extremely short attention time therefore frequent delivery is necessary, but not for the price of quality. If you need more time to prepare quality content then take it, even if that means less frequent delivery.