5 Email Marketing Tips for this Holiday Season

Holiday season is now truly upon us. If you remember, in last column we share with you the most important tip for boosting coming holiday sales. The one that most brands disregard. The tip was to start planning early enough. At least 2 months before you actually start taking action. If you followed our advice, you are already prepared and ready, if not, there is still some time, but not much, so don’t wait any longer. Start now by reading our last column, then come back to this one for some additional ideas.

In this article we will extend our last column and share with you some additional tips. They are all proven to work. So let’s get into. Every year the holiday season shopping frenzy seems to arrive earlier as shoppers make the move to knock out their holiday shopping in advance. As business owner, you can cash in on this merchandise mindset by stepping up your holiday marketing efforts. How you ask? By being strategic. This time of the year consumers are ready to spend so your main priority should be how to tap into this spending mania and get your share.

Statistic is on your side. Fortune expects digital sales will hit $94 billion this Christmas period (source). 46% of holiday shopping will happen online and 8 out of 10 consumers that sign up for brand emails will make a purchase based on what they receive in their inbox. This season, one of the best ways to boost sales is through an email marketing campaigns. You can target customers, drive sales, and place yourself right where the traffic is. As promised, here are some email marketing tips to get you started.

Welcome emails
The holiday season is the perfect time to grow your email subscriber list. Put a little note at the top of a sign-up sheet that says “join our email list for special holiday offers!” and your email list will grow substantially. When you have a new subscriber, send them a welcome email that lets them know you remember them and appreciate their subscribing. You might even sweeten the email up a bit by adding a special coupon or offer.

Few things motivate consumers to spend like a free gift with purchase. And, to be perfectly honest, even the tiniest little freebie can prompt a customer to make a purchase.

Holiday announcement
Sending a holiday announcement email prompts your subscribers to take a look at what you have to offer, and it can inspire purchases the consumer didn’t even know they would make.

Personalized offers
Consumers respond well to personalization in their emails. You can send personalized suggestions based on a customer’s past purchases, birthday greetings, anniversary coupons, and more. SquizMAIL email marketing analytics provide you with all you need to execute this properly.

Time sensitive offers
Limited offer deals can drive foot traffic and site traffic very quickly. You can use this concept to push holiday shopper traffic and impulse buys.

This is just some of the things you can do to improve sales. Many more can be applied. Maybe one last tip. If possible offer a free shipping. You will be amazed what can this mean for your sales quotas.