Why Email Marketing?

Nowadays almost everyone uses email. Email as a form of communication exist for a long time. And people like to engage with emails. We are all been groomed to reply to an email in one fashion or another. Which is why most of the world population is very familiar with the use of it. The result of all this is high conversion rate email marketing produces.

Furthermore, results of email marketing are easy to measure. Email marketing tools, like our SquizMAIL, offer the ability to track vast variety of parameters. Open and click rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes, location reports etc. Everything anyone need to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then use that information to optimize future campaigns and bring in more revenue.

It’s also affordable. Actually, email marketing is extremely affordable. With SquizMAIL you can reach millions of customers quickly and for less than a penny per message you send out. When you combine high engagement rate with low sending cost, the result is a very attractive ROI (return on investment).

Then there is targeted messaging. One off the advantages, email marketing offer is segmentation. Not all leads are at the same stage in the purchase process. Some of them need to get to know you first, others are ready to purchase now, and most of them are somewhere in between. Email marketing tools offer the ability to separate contacts in different segments, then address them with personalized content with intent to increase the conversion rate and ROI.

Looking to start doing email marketing? SquizMAIL is the way to go! It is packed with features, well priced and support is awesome.