Increase Conversion Rate by 34% With Social Proof

Testimonial can increase conversions by 34%. That is why it is extremely important to make them a part of your email sales copy. If you have none, it is time to get some. Ask for testimonials, give them questions to answer. Ask questions like what did you get out of this (result wise), would you recommend this product/service and why, why do you work with us when there are other options out there, which aspect of product/service has helped you the most and how has that made the difference, what would make you buy again, etc. And incentivize them. Offer a referral fee if needed.

Most of the times social proof does the sale for you. It doesn’t always matter what the copy says, people just want to know if it works or not. And marketers know how to use this in their marketing tactics to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Why does this work so well? As humans, we need to feel a sense of belonging, and we need socialization. Because of this our decisions are influenced by choices of people around us. When we are making a purchase decision, our brain looks for a mental shortcut by looking at what others are doing or have done in the past. And the testimonials of your customers are exactly that. A proof that your product/service works for others, therefore will work for them to. And a lot of times that is all that is needed for your leads to convert to customers.