The art of Email deliverability

Email cannot achieve its full potential without sender’s excellent knowledge of Email deliverability.

But why is that so important? Let’s see. Email deliverability is a term, in most cases expressed in percent’s that tell us how many of send Emails actually arrive in recipient’s inbox. As Email deliverability science is too complex for average non tech person to fully understand it, it is best to go with one of the available marketing tools that are design to do just that. To provide as high as possible deliverability rate. One such tool is SquizMAIL Email marketing service. It is design by TrendNET, Slovenian high tech company. Such companies has lots of experts who live and breathe for their product and constantly trying to provide the best Email marketing tool around. Having that kind of the team behind you every time you send an email it is one of the best feelings you can get. They do all the tech work so that you do not have to worry about terms like SPF, SednerID, DKIM, rDNS, Dedicated IP, SPAM Complaint, Hard bounce, Soft bounce, etc. Instead you can focus on Email content, design and other important stuff.

But even the most dedicated team cannot assure you excellent deliverability in a long run if you do not put any effort in your Email campaigns. So let’s see what you can do to prevent this.

Some data shows that almost 80% of all deliverability problems occur because poor sender reputation. And why is that? When you send an Email, ISP track all recipients’ activities and build you reputation. When recipients opens your Email, click your links etc. ISP assume that Email you have send it is relevant to recipients and there for assign you high sender reputation. That means that the next Email you will send has more chance to be delivered to recipients inbox. And of course vice versa. Less Email that are opened the poorer is you sender reputation and your next Email has more chance to be delivered in recipient spam directory. But that is just one thing that affect your sender reputation. Other is for example sending lots of Emails to nonexistent Email addresses. To insure as high sender reputation as possible it is also very important that you do not send SPAM as that kind of Emails trigger lots of complaints. And complaints have extremely negative impact on your sender reputation. Actually it can destroy it completely. One also very important thing you need to be very careful about is so called spam traps. If one of those appear on your mailing list it is clear indicator that your mailing list is bought and believe us that is no good news for your sender reputation.

As you can see it is extremely important to know what kind of content to send and to which recipient, how to process complaints and opt-outs. All that has extremely strong impact on your sender reputation and consequently your deliverability rate. But to be able to do all that as quick and as easy as possible it’s recommended to use one of the available tools dedicated to Email marketing. As mentioned before SquizMAIL is one of them.

So to avoid trouble regarding deliverability rates we advise you:

  • To send only relevant content,
  • To send only those who want to receive it,
  • Not to use bought mailing lists,
  • Respect opt-outs and
  • Respect complaints.

For more advices visit our blog. It has a lot more great stuff in it.