Autoresponder: Email Sequences That Make Money and Save Time

Want to increase online sales and achieve financial and more importantly time freedom? Then this blog post is something you don’t want to miss.

You may or may not know, autoresponders are a way to dip your toes into email automation. They’re typically the simplest form of marketing automation to execute when setting up your campaigns. But, when done well, they can be incredibly powerful for bringing in customers and revenue.

It is a time-based email sequence that you send out automatically after a visitor signs up for your email list or act on your already sent emails. Depending on your goals, you can segment your autoresponder emails based on contacts actions, but at its core, an autoresponder allows you to passively and automatically send pre-written email messages.

You can choose the number of messages that appear in an autoresponder sequence, and you can choose when they’re delivered. If email copy is well crafted, and a sales pitch is good, sales will follow faster than you can imagine. And the best thing is you set it up once and then reap a success long after. Therefor it is a true time saver!

Most people think “I could never do this, it is too hard.” Nonsense! Listen, the SquizMAIL tech is so simple your nanny could do it. There is also lots of help available.

And the overall principles and strategies that make email sequence work are not hard either. They’re quite basic in fact. And despite the fact you’ll have to write a few emails, they’re not even time consumable when you plan accordingly.

SquizMAIL’s autoresponder is remarkably easy and fast to digest. You can have your first email sequence done and ready within a day. What’s one day of work compared to a lifetime of sales?

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