Email achieves better conversion then social media

When we talk about conversion, we can safely say that Email outperforms social media.

Businesses these days pay a lot of money for social media advertisement and they are convinced that this is money well spent. And that is why next findings is so much more surprising. When we talk about conversion, based on latest study’s Email outperforms social media. And doing this by much. Email marketing outperforms social media by 40 times. Study included 2 social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Google+ was not included but it is fair to assume that it would have similar results.

But why is like that? Let’s think for a second. Social networks primarily purpose is to connect, to socialize and to stay in touch with your friends and family. Social networks was never intend to be used for search or buy products/services. As they have lots of users, they are great for branding, but are terrible at conversion. The reason? The purpose of the communicational channel! Users do not visit social networks to buy something, they are using it to stay in touch with people they care about. With social media we can achieve good conversion, but we have to understand why users are there. To sell we need to entertain them and give them informations they will want to share further.

But it is true, that with Email marketing, we can achieve much better results. But only if we use it properly. If we send campaigns in planned timings, if we send to those who are interested in what we are selling and if we share lots of useful information in exchange for some promotional content.