MS Dynamics CRM integration


Seamless integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011 is one of advantages, which are available to SquizMAIL users. Campaigns, sent with SquizMAIL are visible also in CRM and vice versa. CRM users prefer to work on one product. In this case our integration brings SquizMAIL into CRM and everything, including campaign results, process automation and mail sending and tracking is done from CRM directly. You even don’t have to go to GUI of SquizMAIL at all. With this kind of synchronization SquizMAIL highly increases the CRM capacities, as campaigns automation can be driven by the results of opened links in email messages, the number of read messages, and the location of reading. If you are user of crm this is pretty cool feature and very usefull for email marketing.

We send an offer with a large number of different products to the list of contacts. The offer also contains links to landing pages and detailed service descriptions. It is highly possible that someone, who opened a certain link, is interested in this product or that category of products. SquizMAIL enables the export of contacts according to the opened links and further on the personification of email messages, containing the content from the opened links.

Email tracking integration with SquizMail