7 important advices on how to become master of email communication

7 important advices on how to become master of email communication

Employees in average spend quarter of their time reading and answering emails so it’s logical, that most have the opinion, that they are experts in proper email communication. But the truth it’s a bit different. Sheer number of emails that is read and written every day is usually enough to make us start doing mistakes that can lead to improper usage of this still very important communicational medium.

We gather some of those, and prepare this article to highlight few most important of them.

Always write clear and direct Subject line
Don’t misled with your subject lines. Instead try to be as relevant as you can. Good examples are subject lines like “Mitting has been changed” or “Business proposal”. Always have in mind that many times subject line decide if emails will be opened or not. So before you send your next email, make sure that subject is in line with email content and that encourage readers to open it.

Always send your business email from your company email
Don’t mix business with personal. If sending in company name then always use company email. If not then you can use your personal email address, but make sure that it looks professional. Your personal email address should also contain both, your name and your surname.

Avoid excessive use of exclamation marks
Exclamation marks make your message more emotional and intense and can have very negative impact on the reader so they should be used only when it’s really necessary to point something out.

Be aware that different cultures communicate in different ways
Language is human’s primary communication tool and different cultures developed different ways of communicating. And since email is written language where counterparts don’t see each other, they communicate only though text, it is especially important to know your audience when communicate with them. Content is everything they have to assess each other so it should be written the way it does not offend the reader. For example, eastern culture like to first become friends before going to business, so some small talk is in order when communicate with them. But Germans are on the other hand vary different. They prefer going straight to business.

Always double read your emails, before sending them out
Grammar mistakes are easy to miss, so make sure you always double read your emails before sending them out. In some cases few grammar mistakes can make you look unprofessional and can make your reader not interesting. And something like that can kill your business opportunity right away.

Before sending make sure you enter the right recipient
It is much too easy to make such basic mistake, and such mistake can be at least embarrassing or even an expensive one.

Use classic font types
Try to avoid fonts that are too hard to read. Make sure font size are between 10 and 12, font type are Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman and as far as color go, black is the safest choice.