Email content is very important

To prepare Email Content the way that receivers will also share it further is extremely difficult. So let us provide some pointers on how to achieve it.

Try to use only real data. Share some success stories and include real data (percent’s, money amounts, etc.). Share statistical data, your experiences, etc. That kind of “open” communication is rare and as such have greater effect on readers. And most likely many readers will also share it with their friends and colleagues.

Choose picture instead of text. They say one picture says more than a thousand of words and these days when everything is on a fast lane that is truer than ever. So try to visualize what you have been trying to say. That kind of Emails will most definitely have grated response.

Might even try with humor. Say something funny. Make reader smile.

Subject, subject and again subject. Did you know that the same content but with different subject can have more than ten times greater effect? There is no point on writing a subject that no one will read, right? Especially after many hours of research and content editing. That is why you need to take time and find subject line that attract. Maybe one advice for easier beginning. The lack of curiosity kills your open rate. In subject line add only as much informations as needed to attract reader but not enough to reveal your main goal.