Email Marketing Automation Workflows You Should Try

Are your contacts just sitting in your marketing database? If you don’t have any Email Marketing Automation Workflows set up, your answer is probably yes. And why this is bad? Because you’re missing out on some major opportunities to nurture and engage your leads.

Setting up Email Marketing Automation Workflows

If you hadn’t already guessed, email workflows need to be set up using email marketing automation software. Different software providers have different features and functionality’s, but the concept of marketing automation is pretty universal.

Now let’s walk you through some examples of automated email workflows you can set up to start getting more out of your SquizMAIL account.

Double Opt-in Mailing List

In modern email marketing world, having contact lists with opt-in contacts is extremely important. And to insure you have only contacts that truly wish to receive your emails in your lists, you need to set up double opt-in contact list. Double opt-in contact list is different from other lists in one important thing, it contains a simple automated sign-up confirmation workflow that constantly runs in the background. This ensures you that all contacts, sign up to such list receive a confirmation email. That way you have a complete assurance that all contacts in such list are truly opt-in contacts. This will reduce yours unsubscribe and complaint rates to a minimum which will dramatically improve your reputation as a sender. To read more about sender reputation please check out other blog posts. And the best thing is that all you have to do is to set up double opt-in contact list, everything else is completely automated by email marketing software.

Subscriber Welcome Workflow

Every proper email marketing campaign has at least one lead capturing form. One of the most popular is a blog signup form. Idea is to encourage interested readers of your blog posts to leave you with there’s email address in exchange for something. Now such form can be done in different ways, but the best one is to set up completely automated sign up form. And for that you need a proper tool. As already mentioned above email marketing software’s should have many automation workflows available, and this should be one of them. Idea behind it is to set up lead capturing form, that is fully connected to your email marketing software. That way all data collected by such form is automatically transferred to your email marketing software where you can later use them for future email marketing campaigns. Now that is one type of automation, the other one is that such forms can be set up to manage one other automation workflow. And that is an automated welcome email. If set up correctly everyone that sign up to your newsletter will also receive a welcome email. Welcome email can be as simple as possible – just say thank you – or a bit more complicated – contain special time limited offer, special welcome discount coupon or some other type of content that will transfer this new cold lead further down the sales funnel. Possibilities are basically endless. And since all you have to do is to properly set up subscriber welcome workflow, and then everything else is completely automated and managed by email marketing software, this is truly a time saver and a feature you must not ignore.

Email marketing automation give you the option to get more out of your contact database. It can not only help you convert leads into customers, but it can also help you encourage activity like greater product adoption, upsells, evangelism, and additional purchases. And it is a big time saver.