Email marketing is a big responsibility

Do you want to reach your customers without spending the enormous amount of money? Email is the answer for you! But to be truly successful you must keep in mind that email marketing requires a commitment and it is a big responsibility. Why? Because behind every email newsletter signup you get, there is a real person – never forget that. Someone that trusts you enough to give you their email believes you will respect their wishes and will not take advantage of their trust. So to make sure this will not happen you have to tell your subscribers exactly what they can expect from your newsletter. And then respect that agreement.

Whether you plan to send company updates, e-commerce sales, daily deals, or weekly tips, it’s important to tell your readers what to expect and give them a clear idea about how often you’re planning to send your newsletters. Give them as much information as possible on your signup form, so they can decide whether they want to be on the list or not. And when they sign up, send them a welcome email (make sure it is designed to fit your brand). Explain once again why they are on your list, how they can be removed from it if necessary and reassure them, that good things are in store. From now on, your responsibility is to respect your reader’s wishes and send them only content they want. Use segmentation to help you make content relevant.

A regular newsletter is also a commitment. If you want to do it right, you have to set up a sending schedule and stick to it. No matter what. So make time to plan, design and send your newsletter regularly and on schedule. Your readers expect that from you. Don’t let them down and you will create a long lasting relationship that will benefit your company for years to come.