Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Email marketing is a long-term commitment. And the core of it (your main asset) is your contact list. In this short blog post, we will share with you a few ideas, that you can use, to grow your list faster and more effectively.

Ok, let’s start with social media. SM can be a great source of new list subscribers. Twitter, for example, has a cool way to collect email addresses. It is called Lead Generation Card. Create one now, and start to grow your list immediately.

Another way to expand your list is to give people a reason to forward your email. It might not look that way, but this can grow your list exponentially if you can achieve that your email goes viral.

One great hack to achieve massive success with both ideas above is to incorporate social proof in everything you do. The first and easiest way to implement social proof is to tell your readers how many people are already subscribed to your email list. You can then, for instance, expand social proof with customer’s reviews, etc. Anything that shows you are a real deal can be beneficial and will make others want to join your tribe.

And last but not least, proofread everything. In business, your reputation is everything. One way to damage your reputation is by making grammatical and spelling errors. Especially if you work your ass off to achieve your content to go viral. Such errors will for sure lower your subscribe rate and slow down the growth of your main email marketing asset, the contacts list.