Email marketing in 2014

With the rise of social networks one has to ask, will the year 2014 be the year when will still going to be vise to invest money and time in Email marketing. And the answer is obvious. OF COURSE! Yes it is true that social networks has become important part of company’s marketing approach but Email marketing is still the “work horse” that do much of the work.

Based on recent studies Email is and also will be in the future one of the top methods on how to attract new customers and stay in touch with existing ones. It is even ahead Facebook and Twitter. Besides, the usage of email marketing is expected still to rise and what it is the most important to marketers is the fact that customers obtained by Email marketing is more prone to buy something and in average spend more money that customers obtained by other medium. Email one, social media zero 😉

One of the reasons that Email popularity is still growing is in mobile devices. According to some studies already more that 50% of people use mobile phones to check their daily emails.

Well now when we know that Email is and still will be extremely important in the future let’s check some statistical data:

  • Open rate was in average around 29% in 2013. That is more than 3% above the year 2012.
  • Click rate was about 4.7% in 2013 also above the year 2012 when it was about 4.5%.

Your results does not match very well with this data? Don’t worry, there is plenty ways on how to improve them. More about that topic some other day.