Email marketing on mobile devices

The mobile web is flourishing. Do not believe it? Let’s see some statistics: 56% of all mobile users own a smartphone. 50% of them say their primary way of accessing the web is their mobile device. About 10% of all web traffic in 2012 was from mobile devices and in 2013 this trend rise to approximately 20%. Almost 26% of all email messages was open on smartphones, extra 10% on tablets. All this means that the world is becoming more and more mobile. To stay competitive is necessary, not only to know how to access potential customers, but to know how to do this on their mobile device!

But how you ask? Let’s we introduce to you few advices, worth examining them:

  • Use responsive templates.
  • Don’t forget on screen size. Design text and images the way that will stay visible also on smaller screens.
  • Think about sending time. Examine recipient habits and send campaign when they are most active. Email campaigns send in the morning will mostly have better open rate that campaigns send in the night.
  • Make your “Call-to-action” buttons visible and accessible without much scrolling.
  • Make purchase easy and quick. Insert link directly to the product page you are selling. Try to reduce the number of clicks to minimum.