7 reasons why email marketing works

Want to know why email marketing works? Here are 7 reasons:

Results are measurable
Opens, clicks, forwards, complaints, opt outs etc. can easily be measured.

It is cost effective
Email marketing is the single most cost-effective and high-impact method to reach your audience.

It is easily shareable
Emails are very easy to share with friends and colleagues.

Email marketing impact sales cycle
A consistent newsletter program can enable you to nurture a prospect into a client by building a relationship over time.

Quality content establishes you as an authority in your field
No matter what is your business, your credibility is everything. And email marketing enables you to reinforce your expertise and industry leadership with news, trends and latest findings that will benefit your clients.

It is repeatable
Many businesses have the best of intentions, but with limited internal resources, have difficulty executing their marketing plans. An ongoing email marketing program provides a continuous, repeatable communication with clients in a way that is meaningful to them.

It is easy
Email marketing software’s like SquizMAIL are designed to make email marketing as easy as possible. They have free email templates so that you don’t have to design them, they automatically handle all unsubscribed contacts to save you time. And that is just the beginning.