Research confirms: Email is number one communication channel

So that we can maximize the potential Email marketing offer we must understand some basics and then go from there. Email marketing can be extremely efficient communication channel if we:

  • respect recipients (if they subscribe to let’s say news about product X then don’t sell them product Y) and
  • sent only relevant content.

Researches confirm that Email still is the customer’s number one communication channel. Email not only that is not dead, its number one marketing channel in terms of daily use, personal as well as business. Much of credit goes to its simple use, flexibility and versatility. To claim that Email is dead is ridiculous. Evolving definitely, dying hell no. It is true that usage of Email as personal communication channel has slightly decreased because all the fuzz around social networks but it is also true that Email still stand firmly on top. Social networks could be represented as a threat to Email marketing if their would not be research confirms that customers not only that still wish to get promotional material via Email, that percentage has increase around 5% since year 2008. Staggering 70% of all questioned has confirmed that they wish to get promotional material to their Email address. But it needs to be said that data apply only to non-spam material!