How to be GDPR compliant with SquizMAIL


To be GDPR compliant you will need to:

• Audit your existing email list (Figure out who on your email list already provided GDPR-compliant consent, and ensure that you have a clear record of those consents.)
• Implement a re-permission program (If for any of your contacts you don’t have GDPR-proof consent you’ll have to run a re-permission campaign to refresh that consent, or remove the subscriber from your mailing list.)
• Keep evidence of consent, who, when, how.

You can find more information about GDPR regulation HERE.

How to collect consent from new contacts?

If you need to collect consent for different marketing activities (more than one), you need to create GDPR compatible sign-up form/landing page and define checkboxes where the lead will be able to select what they wish to subscribe to. You can read instructions here. New contacts that use your signup form will be able to give explicit consent to your marketing.

If you need to collect consent for just one newsletter type, you can simply create a double opt-in contact list. You can read instructions on how to do it here.

How to collect consent from existing contacts?

You’ll also need to collect GDPR-friendly consent from the contacts you already have. Send an email to everyone on your list that contains a link to your sign-up form where they will be able to express their wishes.

When you get consent from your contacts you can start sending your marketing campaigns.