How to get healthy contacts list

Usually, when preparing new campaign and when we think about new markets, the hardest quetsion is, how to get healthy contacts list?

There is no single easy answer to that. Why? Because it would be to simple, if there would be a magic button.

Every bussines, every product has its own specifics and target markets. Wrong thinking is, that someone will benefit with buying certain mailing list. Those customers in such mailing lists definately don’t want mails from someone, to whom they didn’t  trust at first. And in any case such selling/buying email lists is illegal and is threated as spam.

So what to do?

Good idea is roadshow with lead collecting, landing pages with collectors of interested customers, who leave their email in trust, that they will benefit from information, which you will send to them. Such contacts are healthy contacts, as they expect your mails and agree to them. And working well with such customers, providing valuable information to them for free and maintain high level of actuallity will bring results.

So avoid fast tracks, because they do not exist. Do things properly and do not expect fast results just from buying email lists from anybody. Do it for yourself with trust and expectation from your clients.

We did a lot of mistakes and learned from them in the old times, 10 years ago, when we had distribution bussiness. Posting to “old” contact list didn’t bring expected results..but when we did it properly with collection on trade fairs, roadshows and on-line, difference in result was obvious.


Have a nice day and hear you soon!