How to reduce unsubscribe rate?

Are you asking yourself how to reduce unsubscribe rate? Then this arcticle is for you.

We all strive to have contact lists as big as possible. More contacts mean wider reach which consequently lead to more sales and that is mostly why it is hard to accept and respect unsubscribes. But bear in mind that as unpleasant as it is, it is just the reflection of your actions. In most of the time people unsubscribe because you are sending wrong content to wrong people. But don’t forget that unsubscribe is still better than the alternative, spam complaint. Unsubscribes are part of email marketing and as such has to be taken.

But you can still try to lower complaints to minimum. How you ask? Try to focus on recipients. Happy recipient is a recipe for a happy customer. To do so follow this two advices:

  • Use all the informations you have on them
  • Email marketing tools offer or should offer possibility of analytics. Use informations such as who open your email or who click at some link in it. This kind of informations are essential so use it to prepare batter campaigns. For example separate males from females. Why send content intended only to females also to males (vice versa) if you know that they are not interested. That kind of segmentation will definitely improve your success and lower unsubscribe rate.

Design simple and good looking emails

Today we are living in a word full of annoying distractions and badly design email is just one of them. So put in some effort and design easy to read and nice to look at emails.