Legal Terms & Conditions

Which data do we collect?

  • Info provided by our visitors or customers. The data we store includes contact name, company name, email address, phone number, address and other information.  We also store payment information like credit card number, expiration date and billing address.
  • Other information that we receive and store. When you register at SquizMAIL, we store »cookies« on your computer. We also use so called beacons to help us determine whether you have opened an email.
  • Campaign information. When you create a mailing list or a campaign with SquizMAIL, we gain access to that data.
  • Campaign data provided by us. We store information about who read our email messages and who opened which link.
  • Information from other sources. We might obtain additional information about you with different services on the internet.

What do we use the data we collect for?

  • For promotional purposes. If you leave your personal information when visiting our site and sign up for Services we will send you promotional emails. If you leave your data and do not sign up for Services, we may send you another email asking you if you wish to sign up.
  • For billing purposes. This includes sending you invoices, recipients and alerts if something wasn’t ok. We use third parties to handle secure credit card transaction processing and send billing info to these parties.
  • For alert messages. This includes sending you alert emails and warnings to your profile at SquizMAIL.  We use alert messages if you get near your account limit, if we change our services and if we need new billing information.
  • To meet legal requirements such as complying with court orders.
  • To communicate with you concerning your account.
  • To support and improve. We provide customer support via email or telephone.
  • To obtain feedback.