How to make good first impression ?

Good first impression is extremely important and can effect on every following email. To make one, answer questions below.

Every send email should have its purpose that is why you should ask yourself this few questions:

  • What is the purpose (is it to attract new customers, brand awareness …)?
  • What you want recipient do (to register at you seminar, to read an article, to buy your product …)?
  • How will you measure success (opens, clicks, demographic locations …)?
  • What is campaign goal (to sell, to inform …)?
  • Is Email the best way to transmit your message?
  • To whom your message is intend to and what are you know about him (is it already a customer or is it a potential customer, B2B or B2C, what is recipient demographic location …)?
  • Is message important to recipient (if not don’t send him)?

and according to your answers prepare email content. Emails prepared like this will most definitely make batter first impression.