6 myths about email marketing: #2

Content and subject line. Keep it short! Really?


We’re sure you’ve heard (and probably not only once) that famous saying: you can only get the attention of your audience by creating short interesting content. But why is that?

We don’t have the right answer and frankly – we don’t agree with it. At least not 100%.

Of course the subject line is important and of course you have to make a statement in your mailing. But if you have great content, keeping it short can only distract you from what you are trying to get across to your audience. By testing your mailings and different lengths of content, you’ll get the idea of how much your visitors are willing to read and what works best for your type of business.

One thing to keep in mind when writing mailing content is STRATEGY. Longer mailings are generally linked to a larger strategy, framework or content timeline.

Make sure to set all the goals and links before publishing/mailing your text. It’s important to know WHAT you want to achieve (Short-term and long-term), WHERE you want your readers to be redirected to(subpage, webpage homepage, custom landing page etc.) and HOW are you going to get the attention of you visitors.

If you see that your contacts don’t like long text but you still think you have amazing content you’d want to share with them, another option is to write a short summary and pinpoint all the ‘good stuff’. Put that in your mailing and link it to your landing page where the rest of your extremely interesting content is waiting for your readers :).

P.S. A nice giveaway or discount OCCASIONALLY is always welcome.