Summer Sales Ideas Powered by Email Marketing

Summer is here! It’s finally time for a vacation right. Well if you are an online retailer you would probably disagree. In summer months’ sales usually slow down as people relax and go on a well-deserved vacation. So as an online retailer, the question is what can be done to boost sales during the summer months? Well, there is one thing that can get the job done. It’s a proper Summer SALE email marketing campaign!

That’s right. Even though people are on vacations, they still have their mobile phones with them, they are relaxed and in a good mood. And online retailers should take advantage of this fact by creating summer sale offers that people just cannot resist.

To be successful, sale offers must be well prepared. That means planning well ahead. During planning phase things like creative design, email copy, campaign budget, merchandising, landing page and so much more must be addressed. So planning enough in advance is crucial for the success of the campaign.

To make sure sales happen, the purchasing process must be as simple and as quick as possible. Remember, it is an impulse buy that we are after. Therefor buying must be as easy as a few clicks to minimize cart abandonment. To achieve that, a well-written sales copy must be prepared and be combined with a well-designed email template. It is summer, so the design should be appropriate to that. Besides all that, there is one more crucial part that needs to be addressed. And it is called call-to-action. Remember, buy process must be as easy as possible, therefore a proper BUY call-to-action button must be part of email campaign. And not just one time. Call-to-action button has to appear more than once. It is recommended to add it at the beginning in the middle and at the end of email. And it has to lead directly to cart. No middle steps. Keep it simple.

Ok. Now that campaign is ready, to boost sales a well-written mail subject line has to be prepared. Keep the following tips in mind to get the most out of your subject lines:

  • Make it personal
  • It is summer so keep it playful
  • Take advantage of the summer holidays
  • Promote special offers and events

That is it. Let us review. Well written sales copy, checked. Well-designed email template, checked. Call-to-action in more than one location, checked. Buy process in only a few steps, checked. A subject line that attracts, checked. Amazing. All that remains now is to send email campaign and watch sales happen. Then repeat the process through the summer to achieve a maximum effect on a summer sales bottom line.