Top Email Marketing Software for Affiliate marketers

Are you an affiliate marketer (a beginner or already a pro) looking for a software to deliver your affiliate promotions to your audience? Then you are finally in the right place!

SquizMAIL is an amazing tool already trusted by huge pool of online marketers around the globe. It has all the bells and whistles you will need to become successful in your email marketing endeavors. We won’t bother you with the details (it would simply take too much time) as you can always give it a try for free.

Instead, for now, we will simply present to you what we believe is the most important information for you as an affiliate marketer:

  • SquizMAIL is friendly to affiliate marketers

We will never ban your account simply because you are an affiliate marketer. We are all about affiliate marketing. We even have our own affiliate program you can be part of if you choose to.

  • Personal or business account, it is your choice how you wish to present yourself to your audience
  • Free landing page builder included in all accounts

Grow your audience by building a custom landing pages that convert. All leads are later easily imported to new contact lists.

  • Broadcasting your emails to large contact list is not a problem with SquizMAIL

We already have many customers with millions of contacts in their contacts lists and our sending infrastructure can manage them just fine. We have advanced sending algorithms that make sure your emails are delivered optimally.

  • Competitive pricing structure

You can choose between a subscription-based account or a prepaid credit. You can even switch between the two later if that is required for you to be successful.

  • Features like personalization and autoresponder are also included in all accounts plus many more!

As you can see, we are well equipped to serv to any affiliate marketer out there.

So, don’t hesitate any further, give us a chance, try SquizMAIL now. There is nothing you can lose, but a lot you can gain!

Hope to see you soon among others who are already successfully making affiliate commissions via email marketing.