Be better than the competitors

Be better than the competitors.

Social media is much too personal for serious business use. Email on the other hand is much more professional channel. With right amount of knowledge it can be a tool for great business relations. Fight against spam makes increasingly difficult to deliver email in recipient inbox folder. So the question is, what can we do to assure us as great deliverability as possible?

One correct answer would be use of personalized campaigns. It is more likely that recipient will open Email who addresses him personally.

Next one would be consistency. Certain type of content should be send by same sender. It is well known that recipient create opinion about everyone who send them something. And if you succeed to make them believe that they can benefit from your Emails they will read them also in the future. Even if you sometimes send one or two little more sales-oriented Emails.

Put content in first place. Don’t send lots of badly prepared Emails. Instead send few great ones.

Always give the way out. Make unsubscribe button visible.